3632 Moore Street

A garden developing in the rhythm of time

The homeowners bought this property 22 years ago and since then the garden has changed substantially in a gradual and natural way. Having moved here from Italy – where one grew up in a hillside landscape that is a beautiful integration of small scale agriculture, wilderness and old buildings – they wanted to recreate some of the emotions emanating from that kind of surroundings.

Their garden required almost no budget and no major reworking of the land. They allowed nature to work for them when possible, instead of fighting against it. It is very low maintenance, no chemicals ever, and uses very little water. 

They didn’t begin with a major plan but paid attention and put thought into it, adding new plants once in a while to see how they would grow and interact.
They think a bit of magic happens when the human touch intervenes into nature to the right degree, without forcing it too much, in admiration of the various stages of its development. 
Come see the lovely result! Paola Barcaccia, a family friend specialized in sustainable gardening, will be on site to answer any questions.