12555 Indianapolis Street - Cluster 3L

This was a DIY project - with a little help from some friends - from start to finish. One homeowner designed the garden and selected the plants, the other removed the lawn. They then created a desert oasis in their front yard that soothes their senses every time they enter and leave their home. It's complete with a sitting area to watch the sunset, a dry river bed to catch any rain that comes their way and beautiful succulents that surprise them with their abundant flowers. 

The garden is composed of many eco-friendly sources. They used free mulch and compost provided by the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation and the broken concrete that a neighbor had left over after repaving a driveway. Their neighbor built the fence and they stained it in a warm oak color.

The owners thank friend Ernesto Cannas, plumber extraordinaire, for his help with converting the sprinklers to a drip irrigation system. And their neighbor, Nelson, owner of West Hills Fence Company, for building the fence.