3936 Minerva Avenue - Cluster 1G

This "yard" was once just a storage place for one owner's construction material. There were tons of plants in barrels and piles of boulders to do something with "eventually"...as well as a couple thousand bricks from the earthquakes,  six or so 7 foot telephone poles, picket fencing and junk collected from various places...and a lot of weeds.

The garden's other owner took care of the succulents that interested her. 

The current garden began to take shape early 1999. You’ll find a mixture of  Korean Grass...Black Pines..lavender.....rocks and boulders...lemon verbena..azalea’s  and other easy to maintain plants make this garden easy to take care of (though a specialist is needed to keep the black pines and other pines in a bonsai state). 

The garden is special because it was a labor of love. Many of the plants don't need a lot of water. A sprinkler system waters; it is regulated.