12916 McCune Avenue - Cluster 5E

After years of drought turned this front yard into a sad looking lawn full of crab grass and weeds, the homeowners decided to put in a garden that is more in tune with the natural environment. With the help of their gardener they took out the grass and and just started planting. They didn't fertilize or treat the dirt in any way. 

They started with 1 medium-sized potted agave americana and a few small agave attenuatas (aka Foxtail agave). In a short amount of time they started to propagate and have filled in nicely. They added a tall, flowering aloe arborescens and put in some succulents and jade trees that were also previously potted to fill in the holes. 

On the strip closest to the street, in order to make that area more pedestrian friendly, they planted ornamental beach grass. On the side that they share with their neighbor they planted bamboo.

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