3904 East Boulevard - Cluster 1O

This drought resistant garden was created with special attention to water conservation and capture. The goals for this garden were a desire to save water, be beautiful and provide easy maintenance - and they achieved it all!

Grading was done so that run-off water is absorbed into soil and all new landscaped areas are permeable with planting areas covered in mulch. They use bubblers and some popup sprinklers. The rain sensor shuts off the irrigation when it rains. Established hydrozones and seasonal irrigation schedule lowers water consumption from 30 to 50% in this newly landscaped front yard.

Among some of the plants are: Cercis Canadensis (Eastern Redbud), Agave, Artemisia (Coastal Sagewort), Coleonema, Festuca (Blue Fescue), Ceanothus (Wild lilac), Hebe, Lavandula (Lavender), Loropetalum (Fringe Flower), Phlomis, Cerastium (Snow in Summer), Erigeron (Santa Barbara Daisy) and Lamium. What they love is the combination of colors.

Neighbor Mary Fonseca (East Boulevard Garden Design - mfons84@gmail.com) designed the front garden. There's a vegetable garden in the backyard. American Solar Direct installed the solar panels.

There is so much to learn here!