3520 Mountain View Avenue


What makes this garden special? 

It's an organic environment that aims to be fully sustainable.  

Inspiration for this garden is utility of space used to grow high quality edibles for best flavor in a natural and earth friendly way. The garden functions as a biodiversified planting system that utilizes integrated pest management (IPM), cover crops, and vermiculture. Focus is on soil nutrition and structure, plant diversity, and irrigation. 

The garden includes heirloom crops from around the world, fruit trees, herbs and flowers (both culinary and medicinal), California natives, and wildlife and insect friendly plants. What is grown here will provide food for an upcoming community CSA program.  

Future plans include water capture, expanding the vegetable garden, and adding more plants to attract pollinators and beneficial insects. A special thanks to Denise Neumann at Get Planted who consulted on the plants and garden design.

This garden is a stopping point for a Feathers and Foliage of Mar Vista walk led by naturalist Roy van du Hoek. See Special Events for more information.