2013 Special Events

Arborist Presentations

Pieter Severynen, a licensed California Landscape Architect with 35+ years' experience and a former garden columnist at the L.A. Times (the popular "Tree of the Week" series), is offering the following short presentations:

10:30 - 10:45 am
Care of Southern California Fruit Trees: Selection, Planting, Pruning and Maintenance

11:00 - 11:15 am
Recommended Low Chill Fruit Trees for Southern California

11:30 - 11:45 am
A Silent Jungle: The Soil Under Our Feet

He'll have helpful hand-outs as we. Anyone who pops by during this window of time is in for a treat from our local "Tree Whisperer"!This garden, at 11375 Matteson Avenue (Map code 5F), has bike parking.

Native Plant Demonstrations

Landscaper Jacky Surber will conduct the following demonstrations in the California native garden at 3200 Butler Avenue (Map code 3A)

1:00 pm - California Native Plant Tea Tasting
You’re invited to a tasting of various herbal teas made with California native plants, grown by Marsha and Jacky. Get inspired to plant these multi-functional natives in your yard or herb garden.

2:00 pm - Floral Arrangements with California Natives 
Join Jacky Surber for a creative session in floral artistry and learn about some of the best varieties to plant in your cutting garden. These plants provide a great natural, local alternative to the chemically-ridden, imported flowers that dominate the cut flower industry.

3:00 pm - Herbarium Demonstration
A herbarium is a preserved plant specimen, which can be displayed as art.  In this workshop we will explore the lost art of creating herbariums, using beautiful cuttings from garden grown native plants.  Jacky will present all of the steps necessary to build a plant press, prepare cuttings, mount and label the botanical creations.

4:00 pm - Plant Marker Giveaway
Everyone who stops by during the tour can enter their name in a drawing for a set of 10 (a $50.00 value) custom handmade plant markers. The drawing is at 4:00. The winner need not be present.

Feathers and Foliage of Mar Vista

Roy van de Hoek, conservation biologist and co-director of the Ballona Institute, is leading a nature walk from 2:00 - 3:00 pm. 

The walk starts at 3610 Ocean View Avenue (Map code 4L), wends its way to 3520 Mountain View Avenue (Map code 4I), and ends at 3635 Grand View Boulevard (Map code 4H - Showcase Central).