Richland School - 11562 Richland Avenue - Cluster 1

For the last nine years Richland School's Learning Garden has been a haven for its children and a place where students learn organic and sustainable gardening techniques.  Parent volunteers and Master Gardeners work together to help maintain the almost one acre of space. 

The garden plays host to school activities, picnics and parties. Several garden boxes are available for each classroom to grow their own vegetables. 

There are several fruit trees, including a wonderful Gravenstein Apple, many heirloom apples, a huge Cheremoya, nectarines, artichokes, avocados and more. Havests are shared with school families, and when they have a bumper crop, they take fresh fruit and veggies to the Westside Food Bank.

The Richland garden is an ever changing classroom for its students to enjoy. 

NOTE: the garden entrance is off of Brookhaven and Ceilhunt.

LAUSD Nutrition Education will be at the garden with tastings. This garden is also part of the Wildside School Garden Tour.