These landscapers designed one or more gardens on the tour; gardens from all tour years are included. Inclusion on the list does not imply an endorsement by the Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase or MVCC.

ALD Landscape Design/Build
      2561 Barry Avenue
Bella Gardens Designs
      11430 Clarkson Road      3600 Meier Street   
Beth Edelstein Garden Design
      2041 Glencoe Avenue
Bill Shapiro
      3139 Purdue Avenue
Bloom Landscaping
      3348 Keeshen Drive
Bryan Richards
      12444 Matteson Avenue
Carol Davis
      3476 Cabrillo Boulevard
Christie Kruse
      12552 Barbara Avenue
Comfort Zones Garden Design
      11607 Clover Avenue      3749 Redwood Avenue
      3782 Redwood Avenue 

Compost Teana

      3784 Redwood Avenue      12214 Charnock Road
Cultivate Garden Design
      3766 Ashwood Avenue      3771 Ashwood Avenue   12531 Preston Way
Cushing Landscape Design
     3442 Colonial Avenue
Custom Scapes
      3440 Cabrillo Boulevard
Dana Murray Designs
Drayton Design
      11835 South Park Avenue
Duane Border Design
      3645 May Street   

East Boulevard Garden Design

ECO Landscape

Eco-nomical Landscape

      3523 Military Avenue      12310 Stanwood Drive
      3551 Tilden Avenue    
Elow Landscape Design and Build, Inc
      3465 Stewart Avenue
      12579 Westminster Ave
Giardino Della Vita
      3857 Coolidge Avenue
Gary's Greenery
      3951 Keeshen Drive      11430 Kingsland Street

GFK Designs

      3555-3557 Beethoven Avenue  

Grace Phillips

      11443 Clover Avenue      3254 Inglewood Boulevard
Green Garden Landscape Design
      3972 Coolidge Avenue

Grow Garden Design

     3721 Barry Avenue     12220 Everglade Street
       13056 Rose Avenue    11915 Atlantic Avenue

GWG Design

      3558 Greenwood Avenue
      3401 Cabrillo Boulevard
Grow Outdoor Design
      3904 Michael Avenue
Jack Irish
      12579 Westminster Ave
Jack Kiesel
     12536 Indianapolis Street
     13100 Psomas Way
Jim Matsuo
      3411 Cabrillo Boulevard
Jo Cunningham
      12734 Rose Avenue
John A. Tikotsky
      3968 McLaughlin Avenue    12511 Mitchell Avenue  
John Greenlee
      3267 Corinth Avenue
John Irish
      12579 Westminster Ave
Justin Winston
      3238 Corinth Avenue
Katherine Spitz
      3587 Mountain View Avenue      3658 Mountain View Avenue
      3710 Mountain View Avenue  
Linda Endler Design
      3144 Coolidge Avenue      3312 Coolidge Avenue
         11430 Kingsland Street
Lauri Burrier Garden Design
      11943 Lawler Street      3512 Butler Avenue
Linda McKendry
      3919 Alla Road
M&M Gardens
      3417 Cabrillo Boulevard
Maria K. Kane & Ronnie Cuthbertson
      1307 Palms Boulevard
Mary Forseca
      3904 East Boulevard
Mary Sager McFadden
     12425 Appleton Way
Neighborhood Nursery
      3036 Stoner Avenue
Paradise Gardens
     3451 Cabrillo Boulevard
Park Connelly and Associates
      3610 Ocean View Avenue  
Patty Binder
      3628 Rosewood Avenue
Plan-TED Landscaping
      3464 Grand View Boulevard
Real Natives Landscape Design
      12806 Stanwood Drive
Red Lemon Landscape Design
      3210 Kelton Avenue          3554 Mountain View Avenue
R.I.C.E. Construction
      3036 Stoner Avenue
Robinson Environmental Design
      1352 Palms Boulevard
Roca Landscaping
     3827 Coolidge Avenue
Rose in Bloom
      2564 Armacost Avenue      2571 Armacost Avenue     
      3424 Keeshan Drive          11969 Woodbine Street
Sarah Herman Landscape Design
      3616 Ocean View Avenue
Satori Garden Design
      3416 Colonial Avenue
Sierra Landscapes
      3515 Kelton Avenue         2801 S. Westgate Avenue
Stacey Isaac
     12613 Everglade Street
Steve Siegrist
     12426 Stanwood Place
Stout Landscape Design-Build
      3311 Coolidge Avenue      3323 Granville Avenue
Suburban Design
      11835 South Park Avenue
Susanna Jett
      3247 Granville Avenue
      3237 Glendon Avenue
Tom Rau
      3642 Inglewood Blvd       11928 Palms Blvd
Trilling Landscape Design
       3644 Berryman Avenue     3508 Butler Avenue
          3412 Keeshen Drive
      3200 Butler Avenue
Venetian Paradise
     3926 Marcasel Avenue
Wells Garden Design
     3544 Ocean View Avenue
Wild Gardens
      3767 Redwood Avenue